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Senin, 22 Desember 2014

Trans7 (formerly known as TV7) is a national private television station in Indonesia that is owned by Trans Corp.

Trans7 was established as TV7 based on permission of the Department of Trade and Industry in Central Jakarta No. 809/BH.09.05/III/2000. 88% of its share is largely owned by Kompas Gramedia; the rest is owned by Bakrie & Brothers(the conglomerate owned by Aburizal Bakrie, which owns ANTV). On November 25, 2001, the existence of TV7 was published in State Gazette No. 8687 as PT Duta Visual Nusantara Tivi Tujuh. The logo itself is the letters "JO", which stands for Jakob Oetama, the owner of Kompas Gramedia.

trans 7

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